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In this article, we are going to discuss expatriate health insurance. It’s known as “Expat Health Insurance” or “Expatriate Medical Insurance” too. These policies are designed to cover your financial problems while treatment in other countries. This policy can be applied when you are working and staying in a country other than yours.
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Expatriate health insurance policies generally cover your finances for a term of 6 months or yearly basis after which it should be renewed.
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Expatriate insurances includes these policies which are very popular these days among expatriates:

  1. Personal Property Insurance
  2. Personal Liability Insurance
  3. Automobile Insurance
  4. Medical Coverage Insurance
  5. Emergency Evacuation Insurance
  6. War and Terrorism Insurance (bought by people at high-risks)
  7. Kidnap and Ransom Insurance (bought by people at high-risks)

Expatriate Health Insurance

So, let’s move on to the next part. For the sake of the title, in this article, we will only discuss Expatriate Medical Insurance coverage plans. This is a piece of very useful information that you must have. You never want to be stuck in financial problems especially when you are in some other country. That can be a very tough situation for you.
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Therefore, to protect you in such cases there are insurance policies offered by insurers.
One such policy is known as “Expatriate Health Insurance”. What this basically does is that it covers you in other countries too. So, if you get ill in any other country then these insurance plans will be there to support you. The premium also depends on various factors. We will discuss all of these things now in detail.
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International Health Insurance – This kind of insurance includes the evacuation and include Worldwide Medical Protection plan. The best part is that many of such policies already have connections with hospitals.
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This helps them in quickly settling the payment so you may get the best possible treatment. The cost depends on a large number of factors like age, country to be covered, etc. The premium of expatriate health insurance. is generally calculated based on the health and age of the insured person.
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Countries Where Expatriate Health Insurance Costs More

Such policies offer two kinds of coverages: 1. Worldwide 2. Worldwide except for the U.S.A. and some other countries. This is because healthcare in the U.S.A. and some other countries are very expensive. Generally, insurance companies rank the countries so you can decide properly.
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If your policy covers you in the USA, Canada, Japan, etc then you will have to pay an extra premium for the expatriate health insurance that is worldwide in this case. Japan, USA, Canada, etc charge a ton for medical facilities. Therefore it’s the reason behind high premium costs. So, let’s move on to the next part!

Limitations of These Policies

Another important this is that these policies mostly cover you only if you are outside your home country. This is because the coverage of such medical area lies in the hands of the local or home health insurance provider, unlike expatriate medical insurance.
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Though, as exceptions some insurance providers to provide coverage for a limited period of time when you are in your home country, This is why you must invest in these plans only if you plan to be outside the home country for a good amount of period of time.
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Travel Medical Policy

Therefore, you may want to purchase a travel medical policy if you are going for a short period of time. This also saves you lots of money along with unnecessary things which you don’t need.
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Also for your information, these policies cover a specific amount of time. So, you must be sure of the amount of time you are opting the policy for. Check the policy thoroughly to see if its good for you.
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Know Everything About Your Policy

Make sure that you have a full-proof plan for any event of an emergency. Many countries do not have adequate connections with the expatriate health insurance provider to facilitate everything smoothly. You will definitely not want anything like this to happen when you are ill.
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You should read all the documents carefully and must know about how the insurer will act in case of emergency and how other things will happen. Many insurance providers also provide the facility of treatment to the nearest centre and the payment can be settled later on. Another thing which you should definitely be familiar with is what are the exclusions of your policy.

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The Underwriting Process

Now, let’s discuss the underwriting process in taking an expatriate health insurance. Medical underwriting is the process of reviewing your medical history. When you apply for any global plan of an insurance provider then it’s obvious that they will definitely have a look at your medical history. Generally, this process takes 3 days to 6 days. Though, it might be longer if any problems arise.
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Age Restrictions in Expatriate Health Insurance

Many expatriate insurance companies add age restrictions to who can apply for expatriate health insurance. This is because as much as the age of the client increase, the risks for the insurance provider also increases proportionally. So, the companies fix an age limit to stay protected. Though there are some exceptions like “Cigna Global”. Cigna Global allows people of all ages to apply for expatriate health insurance.
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So, as you saw in this article, we discussed the Expatriate Health Insurance.
So, let’s move on to the next part! Let’s have a quick revision of the important points.

  1. The seven mentioned above are most famous among Expatriate Health Insurance.

2. The policies are available in two areas which are “Worldwide” and “Worldwide except for the USA, Canada, etc…”

3. You should always be familiar with your policy and have all the details about it with you.

4. Scrutinize te policy thoroughly.

5. An underwriting process comes into picture if you buy global insurance from any insurance provider.

So, we hope that you got your required information from this article. Always remeber onne thing that you should scrutiize your policy thoroughly to avoid any troubles in future.

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