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What is Online Auto Insurance?

We will discuss Online Auto Insurance Companies here. They provide insurance also known as ‘Vehicle Insurance’. They also provide financial protection against vehicle collisions and in events of accidents. In this article we will discuss in detail about this topic.

It also covers the guilt of a person to compensate the other party for the damage caused. This has been made mandatory in various countries to ensure that claims and damage resolutions can be settled fast in case of such accidents. Thus it provides you the comfort to remain calm in such time.

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Also, the auto insurance may also cover both accidents and theft damage too if chosen at the right time. Having such a policy reduces mental stress during the time of an unfortunate event, it’s amazing to have it.

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Why should I Purchase it? Why Online?

This is a common question everyone gets in their mind. The traditional method to get auto insurance was to go to an office, inquire them about policy. With the availability of Online Insurance Companies, you need not to go anywhere. Everything can be performed from the comfort of your home.

They have set up their websites and are receiving an increasing amount of orders from the websites. Therefore, one of the benefits of Online Auto Insurance Companies is that they allow you to check the pricing of their premium easily.

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Why Buy Auto Insurance?

These days rash driving is very common and it is not the only factor that is causing thousands of accidents across the world every minute. Many instances may come anytime and accidents can happen.

You may have to pay huge costs of treatment and as of compensation too. Thus, it becomes necessary to have auto insurance at your protection. You will be in a lot of tension after an accident and would not want to add another headache to your problems. In such times an Auto Insurance plays a very important role. So, let’s get to the other part.


Now that we are living in a digital world, it has become easy for us to purchase policies online. Moreover, Each day we search on the internet and have also gained the required amount of skills to be able to understand what is good for us. Also, the online auto insurance companies, even offline ones too are advertising a lot online rather than offline media. Therefore, we are able to easily find the insurance policies.

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Why is Online Auto Insurance so important?

When the cars just came out for the public after World War 1, they were very hard to control. This led to many accidents and it was not even sure that the victim would get the compensation or not. To solve these problems, the United Kingdom introduced a law – The Road Traffic Act 1930. In this, a concept of Motor Insurance was implemented. This ensured that the victim would at least get some compensation before the court processes.
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Germany Follows UK in Auto Insurance Policy

Following the United Kingdom, Germany too introduced such an act and then it spread widely. Instead, today online auto insurance companies set up a partnership with the car or vehicle company and then you are provided with different insurance plans to choose which one suits you best. This is why having insurance has become so important in today’s world because without insurance you are also at the risk of paying fines. Now I hope you understood history. Thus, Once again. So, let’s get to the other part!

Online Auto Insurance Companies In Details

We will discuss some of the most popular Online Insurance Companies:-

  1. ICICI Lombard GIC LTD – One of the leading companies in terms of vehicle insurance. The Insurance products offered by them are designed to meet both the urban and rural area needs. Their car insurance covers:-
  • Damage due to natural calamities
  • Own personal accident cover
  • Damage against man-made calamities

2) Bajaj Alliance GIC Ltd – It started in 2001 as a joint venture between Allianz Se and Bajaj Finserv Ltd. The special thing about this company is that they have lots of other benefits than the other services of car insurance offered by others.

  • Cashless Garages
  • 24×7 Roadside Facility
  • Vehicle monitoring devices, Etc.

3) TATA AIG GIC Ltd – It gets its name as TATA AIG GIC Ltd (Online Auto Insurance company and offline too) because it’s a joint venture group between American International Group and Tata Industries. They started their operations in 2001 and the services are spread across India.

  • Understands Customer Needs
  • Varieties of motor insurance

4) Bharti AXA General Insurance – A joint venture between AXA and Bharti Enterprises in India. Bharti AXA General Insurance was founded in 2008. Their key features:-

  • 24×7 claim settlement assistance
  • Cashless garage facility
  • A vast area of operation

What did we learn?

There are many more companies other than these but, as customers need to know is Online Auto Insurance Company safe or not? People have this question a lot. In fact, Online Auto Insurance Companies are much better than traditional ones. They provide faster claim settlement than others and their support staff is also generally good because they have to maintain their reputation.

Given these points, you might have understood the importance of Online Auto Insurance Companies too along with why you should get insurance from Online Auto Insurance Companies to achieve best results. So, let’s get to the other part for the last time!


Now that we have discussed in so many details, I hope that you might have understood by now what an Online Auto Insurance Company is and other details. Having Auto Insurance is a good decision. It will help if something goes wrong whose probability is very high in this world. An amazing step by various governments of different countries taken is the compulsion of having insurance.

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